Our Deep Experience Means Your Increased ROI

With over 30 years of industry experience, Universal can bring added value to our corporate partners when it comes to managing the disposition of surplus and idle materials assets. Our program begins with a Strategic Direction Guide that outlines the client’s goals, evaluates the market for the current product and builds a framework for increasing ROI.  We can work with you through direct buys, consignments, or sometimes both.

Direct Buys

If you have idle or surplus industrial assets that you want to move quickly, we provide top-dollar prices and can purchase assets from your site at no charge.


Through our consignment program we tap into our deep market of potential buyers, offer strategies such as reconditioning to help speed the sale, and place ads promoting the asset in strategic publications. In addition, we also offer a market-based appraisal to help you gauge the price of an item, while also providing you a realistic timeline. All items are offered as a request for quote, so you have the ability to put a price floor on any item.